KCB Management

Investment Philosophy

As long-term investors committed to private ownership, KCB reinvests in the growth and development of existing portfolio companies as well as acquiring small to medium sized businesses. We are financially conservative and maintain a long-term ownership and value-creation perspective. Our approach favors value-added industries with sustainable growth and cash generation.

KCB maintains a diversified portfolio of businesses. We partner with management teams to maintain the identities and cultures that made these companies successful to begin with. We work closely with management, to determine the appropriate growth and exit strategy, including public offerings, to maximize the value of the investment for all of the stakeholders.

KCB's long-term investment perspective and signifigant commitment of personal capital rather than third-party capital differentiate us from traditional buyout and private equity firms. We offer Sellers significant liquidity today while providing long-term continuity to their businesses. This philosophy allows KCB to build strong relationships with management and nurture solid, growing portfolio companies without the pressures of a short exit timeframe.

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