Our Story

KCB Private Equity is a long-term, control investor in growing small to medium sized businesses. Our long-term investment perspective and commitment of significant personal capital rather than third-party capital differentiate us from traditional private equity firms. We offer sellers significant liquidity today while providing long-term continuity to their businesses. This philosophy allows KCB to build strong relationships with management and nurture solid growing portfolio companies without the pressures of a short exit time frame.

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We Provide Capital to Fund:

Organic Growth or
Strategic Acquisitions

Succession Planning in
Family Businesses

Buyouts of Passive Shareholders

Diversification of an
Owner’s Wealth

Growth Capital

Partner Profile

Successful partnerships require a shared vision of the future. If we partner with you, it means that we are 100% committed to your vision and believe we can play a valuable role in achieving it.

Strong management willing to stay with the business and retain an equity stake
Significant, identifiable organic and/or acquisition growth potential
Highly differentiated business model, products and/or services
Strong market position with identifiable barriers to entry
Limited customer concentration
+Investment Criteria
  • $2 to $8 million of EBITDA with margins of greater than 10%
  • $20 to $80 million in recurring revenue.
  • Require control position (economic or voting) with substantial
    participation by management.
  • Organic and/or acquisition growth potential
  • Services, manufacturing, distribution, consumer products, healthcare, retail
  • Public and private companies as well as divisional divestitures will be considered; turnaround, bankrupt and distressed situations will not be considered.
  • Strong management team
+Geographic Orientation
  • We consider opportunities throughout the United States and Canada.
+Industry Focus
  • Multi-location business service or consumer service providers
  • Business services and products
  • Consumer services and products
  • Healthcare services and products (especially skilled nursing facilities)
  • Education and training services (for-profit) and products
  • Manufacturing
  • Value-added distribution

How WE GROW with you?

1 Establishment of a Professional Board of Directors

2 Strategy Development

3 Strengthening Sales and Marketing Capabilities

4 Enhancing Operational Efficiency

5 Attracting High-quality Management Team Members

6 Identifying and Funding Add-on Acquisitions

7 Maximizing Value

Our Experience

Our professionals have significant previous experience from a variety of firms, including W.R. Grace, Ole’s Home Centers, Stør, PetSmart and Dubin Clark. Since 1984, KCB’s principals have invested in the following industries:

Our Portfolio

Business Services
Multi Location Operations
Consumer Products
Skilled Nursing Facilities Operations
Government Services
Architectural and Remodeling Services
Auto Body Collision Services
Business Outsourcing
Community Newspapers
Luxury Cosmetics Retailing and Services
Retailing-big box, furniture, pet supplies, soft goods, etc.
Specialty Trailers
Storage Products